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I am a lecturer and researcher at the School of Design at the University of Leeds. My research interests are interconnected with advancing sustainability, circular economy, co-creation, fashion psychology, cultural studies and collaborative consumption in fashion, textiles and creative business.


After completing my Master's in Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins and PhD in Sustainable Fashion at the University of Leeds, I joined the School of Design in 2013 as a member of staff. Before that, I worked in the fashion industry for 8 years in a variety of roles encompassing creative design directions, trend forecasting, fashion branding, marketing, and management.


 My research interests cover the following:

•    Sustainable Fashion Consumption and Community Practices: My research delves into how community activities and social innovation can foster sustainable lifestyle practices and examine how novel technologies and policies may facilitate sustainable consumption practices for both local and global communities.

•    Collaborative Consumption and Circular Economy Practices: Collaborative consumption and circular economy practices are one of the key research interests, particularly focusing on fashion consumer behaviours, consumption processes, and how new products and service systems could potentially leverage innovative fashion business practices for improving sustainability.

•    Fashion & Culture: my research covers the rejuvenation of cultural heritages and the promotion of sustainable art and craft practices to support artisans and local designers in textiles and fashion. I am also interested in different types of cultural design products processes, and practices. 

•    Developing Inclusive Co-Design Practices: My research interest covers how design can serve marginalised groups to support a more sustainable future while assisting local communities, non-profit organisations, and small and medium-sized fashion business activities.

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