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An interchangeable modular system of textile pieces can be transformed by the user to create a new piece of clothing or interior accessories which promote sustainable design. Each piece can be put together in a variety of ways allowing the user freedom of design with playful experimentation, different outfits that are emotionally durable and multifunctional. This modular system of textiles enables the creation of products with a second “life” through the system’s capacity for reinvention.



I wanted to create a product that would stand the test of time depending on the user’s occasions, moods and seasons, but also gave the user the opportunity to use their inner creativity to come up with new and interesting items. It can be clothing, a wall hanging or a similar item. This is achieved by the interlocking pieces of modular textile which can be combined or taken apart at the will of the user, leading to a flexible approach to user-based design.  Each piece of textile is personalised to meet the needs of its user and should be easy to transform and be simple and easily accomplishable with the benefits of flexible, customisable and co-creative products, allowing the opportunity for individual personalisation.



Nomadic wonderland

Nomadic wonderland

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