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Co-creative upcycle fashion workshop

Rethinking waste and reimagining how we use, reuse, upcycle and reinventing fashion culture

About this event Are you interested in sustainable fashion? Are you interested in supporting a local upcycle fashion designer and local slow fashion community? Are you interested in gaining hands-on upcycling craft experience? About this event We warmly invite you to join our co-creative upcycle fashion workshop at the Brooke’s Mill at 2pm on Friday 22nd July. Two members of staff, Eunsuk Hur and Pammi Shina, from School of Design University of Leeds and Julia Roebuck from Upcycle Fashion will co-host this workshop. In this workshop, you will explore possibilities of how discarded resources can be transformed into one-of-a-kind handcraft personalised items. We are also keen to listen your voice on how to support local community and slow fashion activities. Please bring along your unwanted garments or pre-loved materials that you wish to upcycle or revitalise. Join with this local upcycle fashion workshop event and share your skills and perspectives with the slow fashion community. No previous experience is required to join this workshop.

Please register if you wish to attend. Here is the link to join the Rebirth Fashion up-cycling workshop:

For more information on the Rebirth Fashion project, please visit our Instagram and Facebook community .


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